mercredi 9 mai 2012

l'amérique d'obama tue les handicapés

La vidéo est terrible. elle relate un évènement qui s'est produit en juillet mais dont les images ne nous parviennent que depuis 2 jours.  Ces images doivent être diffusées non par voyeurisme mais parce qu'il est important que le monde sache que derrière la belle face de la première démocratie au monde se cache  des horreurs, des meurtres inacceptables, la barbarie qui a un nom et un visage, la police, le système répressif .
Il faut dénoncer pour que justice soit faite.

"Video revealing the circumstances of how a mentally ill homeless man in Fullerton, Calif. died last July was finally published Monday, revealing a stunningly brutal police assault that left Kelly Thomas bleeding, broken and near death.

In the video, one of the officers can be heard telling Thomas, who was schizophrenic, “See my fists? They’re getting ready to start fucking you up.” When he doesn’t immediately comply and instead stands up, another officer charges in and hits him with a baton, and a scuffle ensues.

For the next approximately eight minutes, Thomas is pinned by the two officers, then up to as many as four more arrive and pile on. As Thomas pleads for mercy and complains that he cannot breathe, he’s tased and punched repeatedly. The treatment continues until Thomas’s cries morph into inaudible grunts and moans.

He was comatose after the beating, and died five days later after being taken off life support. Needless to say, the video is not for the faint of heart.

The cause of death, officially, was compression of his thorax. Two officers were charged in the case, one of them with second-degree murder.

Activists in Fullerton have been demonstrating for months, and Thomas’s parents have been trying to force the tape into public view. One of them, Ron Thomas, is a former Orange County Sheriff’s deputy — and in the video, his son can be heard crying for his father repeatedly. Because of their status and the shocking nature of the killing, their petitions have even been supported by a member of the Fullerton City Council.

The footage was first shown in a courtroom on Monday, when it was also revealed that a paramedic who was charged with treating Thomas had paused to attend to the officers first, even though they’d only suffered minor scrapes from wrestling Thomas to the pavement. An earlier tape, shot from across the street, did not show Thomas’s ordeal in nearly as much detail.

This video was published May 7, 2012."

Stephen C. Webster

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