jeudi 15 janvier 2009

emails des criminels de guerre israéliens

Shimon Peres: Olmert - Prime Minister - Barak - Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Defense - ?Tzipi Livni - Acting Prime Minister , Minister of Foreign Affairs - Dichter - Minister of Internal Security - Atias - Minister of Communications - (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer - Minister of National Infrastructure - Aflalo - Minister of Immigrant Absorption - Yishai - Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor - Ezra - Minister of Environmental Protection - Herzog - Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Minister of the Diaspora, Society, and Fight Against Antisemitism - Edery - Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil - Sheetrit - Minister of Internal Affairs - Majadele - Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport - Avraham Balila - Minister of Tourism - Simhon - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development - Mofaz - Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Transportation and Road Safety -'ev Boim - Minister of Housing and Construction - Ramon - Vice Prime Minister - Eitan - Minister of Pensioner Affairs - Bar-On - Minister of Finance - Ben Yizri - Minister of Health - Cohen - Minister of Religious Services - Tamir - Minister of Education - Whbee - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vilnai - Deputy Minister of Defense - Nahari - Minister Without Portfolio - Friedmann - Minister of Justice - ?Benjamin Netanyahu - Minister Office: Olmert - Prime Minister - use this form: Dinur - Director General Of the Prime Minister's Office - Yehezkel - Government Secretary -'akov Galanti - Head of Communications Division and Media Adviser to the Prime Minister - Tourgeman - Foreign Policy Adviser for Prime Minister - MEDINI@IT.PMO.GOV.ILAmnon Ben-Ami - Deputy Director General - Gavrieli - Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister - Barnea Farago - Legal Adviser - Strauss - Accountant - Danon - Director of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women - Keren - Adviser to the Prime Minister (Settlement Affairs) - Biran - Advisor to the Prime Minister for Liaison with the Knesset - Avramovitz - Pubilc affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister - Levy - Adviser to the prime minister for official visits and special events - Nachmias - Head of the Division for policy Implementation - Golan - Adviser to the Prime Minister for Planning and Development - Regev - International Media Adviser to the Prime Minister - Risby-Raz - Diaspora Affairs Adviser - Alon - Adviser for Strategic Development - Braya - Adviser to the Prime Minister for the Russian Languge Media - Halbani - Director of International Visits - Swid - Adviser to the Prime Minister (Social Affairs) - Widerman - Adviser to the Prime Minister - Baker - Senior Foreign Press Coordinator - Nizri - Director of the Prime Minister's Bureau (Central Region) - Liberman: Ayalon: Peretz: Hirchson: Miller: Dotan: Cohen: Eldad: Braverman: Michaeli: Ravitz: Vilan: Elon: Amsellem: Oron: Avital: Itzik: Azoulay: Rotem: Tal: Khenin: Eitam: Cabel: Glazer: Gabbay: Tartman: Sa'ar: Erdan: Katz: Ben-Israel: Hasson: Galantee: Ziv: Shemtov: Livnat: Solodkin: Bahyna: Porush: Ben-Sasson: Eitan: Melchior: Kahlon: Gafni: Sharoni: Slomiansky: Zeev: Pines-Paz: Schneller: Cohen: Rivlin: Ilatov: Tirosh: Marom Shalev: Shnaan: Hermesh: Yacimovich: (Neguse) Molla: Halpert: Shalom: Landver: Misezhnikov: Hanegbi: Greenfield: Maklev: Yehuda Ariel: Litzman: Margi: Katz: Aharonovitch: Levy: Vaknin: Hasson: Plesner: Marciano: Shagal: Edelstein: Steinitz: Gal-On: Elkin: Orlev: Hendel:

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