jeudi 27 mars 2008

Photos en provenance du Tibet

Attention ces images peuvent choquer et ne doivent pas être vues par des enfants.
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Elles sont livrées sans commentaire et sans haine. Elles permettent de montrer ce que l'homme peut faire quand il est guidé par l'aveuglement et par ses propres vérités qui sont aussi ses propres mensonges. Elles ne se veulent pas racoleuses mais simplement permettre de ne pas oublier que sous d'autres cieux, il y a des gens qui souffrent, qui meurent que ce soit au Tibet, comme en Chine, en Afrique, en Palestine, en Irak, en Afghanistan et partout ailleurs.

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Recent urgent Tibetan public peace protest against China in Amdo Ngawa on the 16th and 17th Morning of March, 2008

1) In this big protest whole of Amdo Ngawa rose up against china, which includes, Kirti monastery, Gomang monastery, Segon monastery, Mami nunnery, Suwa monastery, Tsen-Nyi Monastery Trotsik monastery, Adue monastery, Dogay monastery, Togden monastery, Dongri monastery and public of Amdo Ngawa, upper Ngawa, lower Ngawa, Trotsik and other left parts of Ngawa, Meruma,Chojyama, Charuwa and other nomadic areas and the Secondary Tibetan School of Amdo Ngawa. All in all around 13000 Tibetans took part in this big Tibetan public peace protest.
2) So far we have known around 20 death casualties including monks, nuns, students and laymen killed in this big protest. Our other sources states around 40 Tibetans got killed. Large number of Tibetans went lost in the protest and their whereabouts are still not known. The some known protesters who sacrificed their lives in the protest are: lhundup tso9student), Atisha(age 23), tsezin(age 33), Tashi(age 23), Gejyam, Lobtse.
3) Many were put behind the bars and when the Tibetans went to demand for their release from the prison, Chinese authorities didn’t listen to them and in return Tibetans turned violent and started breaking the premises of the police custody. Likewise, few other Chinese offices were destroyed by Tibetan protesters.
4) This recent peace protest in Amdo Ngawa, becomes one of the largest peace protest took place in Tibet excluding the protest in Lhasa. It becomes the largest number of Tibetan people took part in the peace protest and one of the biggest peace protest against China in which largest number of Tibetans got killed by the brutal Chinese policemen and the troops.
Following slogans are of the recent peace protest taken place in Amdo Ngawa:
a) Long live Dalai Lama
b) Free Tibet
c) Stop torturing in Tibet
d) Release the Tibetan political prisoners
e) Release Panchen Lama
The three main reasons responsible for the outburst of this recent big public peace protest in Amdo Ngawa are: Firstly, Tibetans have strong wish to see their spiritual and temporal leader, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Secondly, Chinese government has been always keeping silence about the peaceful dialogue between Tibet and China. Thirdly, Chinese government is continuously applying harsh mechanisms to control the Tibetans inside Tibet.

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